Daytime Lessons for Homeschoolers

Daytime lesson slots are available for fall 2019. This is the perfect opportunity for students who are homeschooled to get lessons with me, even though my evening schedule is full with a full waiting list. For more information on your instructor, Andrea Mendoza, please visit the About Me page.

General Information

Lessons are offered in 45 minutes slots.

There will be 30 lessons throughout September – May.

Date & Times Available



Lessons occur in Derby, KS, in my home. We live near the corner of Rock and Madison. Exact address will be given at the time of inquiry.


For more information on my policies on missed lessons, sickness, practice and much more, please visit my Policies Page.


Each year, books typically cost about the same cost as one tuition payment. This allows for a core curriculum ($50) and a couple supplemental books. ($10-$15 each)