Student Opportunities

MTNA’s eFestival

The MTNA eFestival is an online-only performance opportunity where you receive a constructive critique from a highly qualified evaluator. A perfect option during this time of Covid-19, or for anyone with a busy schedule that the other times do not work. Would also work as preparation for other events.

When: Anytime

Deadline: None.

Fee: $25 (Make the check payable to KMTA

Who: Any of my students can enter

What is required: The musician(s) video-records up to 15 minutes of playing, uploads the video(s) to YouTube and provides MTNA links to each video. In most cases, entrants will receive comments on their performances via email seven to 10 days after submission. THAT’S IT!

I just ask that if you would like to do this, that you wait until a piece is polished and we have agreed so. Then you can enter this.

Link for more information

SCKMTA Music Progressions

Music Progressions is a comprehensive curriculum, and students enter different levels and perform two pieces, technical exercises (scales, chords, arpeggios), sight-reading, rhythm, ear training, and a theory test.

When: Friday, March 26

Location: TBA, possibly Woodlawn UMC (masks will be required)

Deadline: I need to know by Jan 21 if your student would like to enter. Fee can be paid within the February tuition.

Fee: $20

Form can be downloaded here

Who: Any of my students can enter, with the exception of my beginning students

What is requires: Prepare two pieces of contrasting styles. Memorize at least one. Students then work on other information as directed by the level they enter.

Link for more information

Recital Class with Mary K. Sallee

Mary Sallee is a well-known composer, who will come and listen to students play her compositions then work with the student for 5-minutes

When: April 17

Location: Woodlawn UMC (masks will be required)

Deadline: early March

Fee: $5

Who: Any student, we will just need to pick out a piece by Mary Sallee for them to work on. I will be getting the list of compositions not yet chosen soon.