Wedding Pianist

Your wedding is a special event, and you have probably spent countless hours planning every detail.  Let me help you make the music planning stress-free! I love meeting with the bride and/or groom to plan music that will reflect the love between you and your soon-to-be-spouse.

I have been playing piano for over two decades.  I even took several years of piano lessons during college as part of my requirements for my music education degree.  I began playing piano for weddings fifteen years ago, starting with a cousin’s wedding.  Since then, I have played at weddings of many denominations and in many different locations – I once played for a wedding in the middle of a field.  I am also accustomed to playing at Catholic wedding masses. I am able to play at any church with a piano or keyboard.

When you hire me as your wedding pianist, you don’t just hire me for the ceremony. Here is everything that is included in my fee:

  • A sit-down meeting with the bride and/or groom to choose music (1 hour)
  • Emails and phone calls between the bride/groom and pianist
  • Solo practice to learn songs (10+ hours)
  • Outside practice with the singer for the wedding and instrumentalists (2 hours)
  • My attendance at the rehearsal (1 hour) *optional
  • 20-30 minutes of solo piano music prior to the start of the wedding ceremony.  I usually pick these songs but am open to a couple suggestions.  (0.5 hour)
  • Wedding ceremony music (1 hour)
  • Post-wedding ceremony music (5-10 min until attendees have all left the church/facility)

Wedding Fee for within a 30-mile radius of Derby, Kansas: $300

Contact me to see if I am available for your wedding.